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Writing Enthusiast. Research Nerd. Life Explorer. Digital Water Expert.

Introduction to who I am and why I write

If you are reading this, that means you ended up on my medium profile.

Welcome! Bienvenue! Добро Пожаловать! Willkommen! Laipni Lūdzam!

I hope you will enjoy my storytelling. Feel free to propose a topic for me to write about. Please leave it in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Who am I?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, I am a millennial. Born in the mid-’80s. There is a lot of contradiction about my entire generation. A great summary is accessible in this Infragistics by Goldman Sachs. Apart from few categories, like house ownership and kids, I am definitely a typical…

What does it take to convert your talent into income?

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I keep meeting folks with “closeted” talents. At best, they address them as a hobby; at worst just continue talking about how good and happy they would be if only there was time to practise whatever it is they love. I continue thinking, why people don’t pursue the dream? At least in some capacity.

I am no better. It took me good 20 years to act on my writing need. I can’t even label it as talent as such, rather a creative urge. Who knows where would I may have been if I started taking it seriously at 15? …

I wrote 15 articles in 30 days and finally got published in the Start It Up

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Starting on 9 of May. Followers 22. Lifetime Earning $3.20. Articles published 7 (5 in publications). No distributions.

I started my Medium Journey in January. My first six articles taught me a lot. Read about it here. So I decided it is time to do the challenge.

When I wrote my pledge, I had no rules in mind. But soon I realised I need to have at least one. My rule was every article gets a maximum of 3 publication chances. If declined, I will self publish it.

Promotion Actions

  • Career and finance related articles I promote on LinkedIn every Friday. I…

Poverty is not about how much money you have; it’s about how you live.

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I grew up terrified to be poor. Having no food or money is one thing. Living in filth is another.

My parents divorced when I was 5. It was 1990. My dad packed his bag and moved 1000km away. I saw him 3 or 4 times since. A year later, the country I was born in got dissolved. My mom’s salary was settled in sugar and rice for a while until it was not offered at all. My grandparents’ pension was devalued and delayed. Jobs were tough to get. Gang culture was on the rise.

My mom had 5 people…

Overcoming writing fear and personal frustration

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When I first started on Medium, I was like — yeah, I have a story for every big publication! I need to write them, submit and viola. It will be easy-peasy. I have plenty of ideas! Sure someone will take them!

What I did not realise to get published, you need more than a good story. First, there is a waiting time between your submission and the reply. The second factor is the number of similar articles published recently. The third one is the geographical region. Some of my posts got rejected as they were about the UK, and most…

4 Reasons why you should think twice before getting one.

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Recently I shared a story about how fitness gaming helped me in an anxiety battle. It was a true savior for me. I became healthier, restored my sleep pattern and shredded a couple of inches of belly fat. Hurray!

I am 70 days into the game. Well, I am not sure if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Let me explain:

Reason number one

It is bloody addictive. As with any computer game, unfortunately, it draws you in. So you finish up spending a lot of time defeating monsters with squads or twists. …

7 Ways Sleep Affects Wellness in the Workplace

I have recently shared a story about how Fitness Gaming helped me to overcome anxiety and insomnia. Today I want to talk about how sleep deprivation affects workplace performance.

It is not a secret; the better you sleep, the better you feel. It is not common sense. Many sleep studies prove it.

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

Bad sleep = poor performance.

Let’s make it clear; sleep is the key to success. Various studies explored sleep deprivation in different genders, ethnic groups, occupation types. Here are some examples.

Students — This study found that longer sleep duration, better sleep quality, and greater sleep consistency were associated with better academic performance.

Data jail hurts more than I could imagine

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I am super engaged with my career. My job is my primary source of money, my instrument to travel, and my only hope to retire early. I need to know how to be on top of the game, excel in my industry, learn what skills to pick up, and which businesses to follow. I spend hours every week to keep myself informed.

Personal brand struggle.

I am an active LinkedIn member. I love the platform. My account has over 2,500 connection. Currently, I am trying to increase my profile views and especially search appearances. What I learned so far, the profile views can…

How to connect with the inner self.

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My mom bought our first house when I was 15. Since the very first day, I volunteered to take care of the grass. It was an inner calling. I felt somehow the age of 15 — this is what I want to do, and it will be good for me.

I would seed, water, mow, level, detach, de-weed, and protect my lawn tediously. Year after year, I would wake up at 6 am to soak it before the sun gets too hot. I instructed others on what to do if I was away from home. …

How to gift a fortune to your children without spending a penny

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Did you know that the average debt among the cohort of borrowers who finished their courses in 2019 was £40,000. House prices are rising, education becoming more expensive, we as parents are terrified about our children’s future. I don’t have a spare forty grand to pay the university fees and living expenses for my kid. Many of you have little money either.

If I were to say to you, you could offer your offspring a present of £40,000 for their 18th birthday. You will laugh at me, I am certain. I will spell out my theory in a second.

What is Junior ISA, and why every youngster should have it?


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