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Writing Enthusiast. Research Nerd. Life Explorer. Digital Water Expert.

Introduction to who I am and why I write

Who am I?

What does it take to convert your talent into income?

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I wrote 15 articles in 30 days and finally got published in the Start It Up

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Promotion Actions

Poverty is not about how much money you have; it’s about how you live.

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Overcoming writing fear and personal frustration

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4 Reasons why you should think twice before getting one.

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Reason number one

7 Ways Sleep Affects Wellness in the Workplace

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Bad sleep = poor performance.

Data jail hurts more than I could imagine

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Personal brand struggle.

How to connect with the inner self.

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How to gift a fortune to your children without spending a penny

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What is Junior ISA, and why every youngster should have it?

Ludi F

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