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Writing Enthusiast. Research Nerd. Life Explorer. Digital Water Expert.

Introduction to who I am and why I write

If you are reading this, that means you ended up on my medium profile.

Welcome! Bienvenue! Добро Пожаловать! Willkommen! Laipni Lūdzam!

I hope you will enjoy my storytelling. Feel free to propose a topic for me to write about. …

What does it take to convert your talent into income?

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I keep meeting folks with “closeted” talents. At best, they address them as a hobby; at worst just continue talking about how good and happy they would be if only there was time to practise whatever it is they love. I continue thinking, why people don’t pursue the dream? …

I wrote 15 articles in 30 days and finally got published in the Start It Up

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Starting on 9 of May. Followers 22. Lifetime Earning $3.20. Articles published 7 (5 in publications). No distributions.

I started my Medium Journey in January. My first six articles taught me a lot. Read about it here. So I decided it is time to do the challenge.

When I wrote…

Poverty is not about how much money you have; it’s about how you live.

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I grew up terrified to be poor. Having no food or money is one thing. Living in filth is another.

My parents divorced when I was 5. It was 1990. My dad packed his bag and moved 1000km away. I saw him 3 or 4 times since. A year later…

Overcoming writing fear and personal frustration

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When I first started on Medium, I was like — yeah, I have a story for every big publication! I need to write them, submit and viola. It will be easy-peasy. I have plenty of ideas! Sure someone will take them!

What I did not realise to get published, you…

4 Reasons why you should think twice before getting one.

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Recently I shared a story about how fitness gaming helped me in an anxiety battle. It was a true savior for me. I became healthier, restored my sleep pattern and shredded a couple of inches of belly fat. Hurray!

I am 70 days into the game. Well, I am not…

7 Ways Sleep Affects Wellness in the Workplace

I have recently shared a story about how Fitness Gaming helped me to overcome anxiety and insomnia. Today I want to talk about how sleep deprivation affects workplace performance.

It is not a secret; the better you sleep, the better you feel. It is not common sense. …

Data jail hurts more than I could imagine

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I am super engaged with my career. My job is my primary source of money, my instrument to travel, and my only hope to retire early. I need to know how to be on top of the game, excel in my industry, learn what skills to pick up, and which…

How to connect with the inner self.

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My mom bought our first house when I was 15. Since the very first day, I volunteered to take care of the grass. It was an inner calling. I felt somehow the age of 15 — this is what I want to do, and it will be good for me.

How to gift a fortune to your children without spending a penny

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Did you know that the average debt among the cohort of borrowers who finished their courses in 2019 was £40,000. House prices are rising, education becoming more expensive, we as parents are terrified about our children’s future. I don’t have a spare forty grand to pay the university fees and…

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